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This page has links where you can download copies of papers and documents that I've created. Others have found them useful - you may too. Many have html versions available on this web site, see the BITS menu. The first document is a training aid for basic maths that I developed to help my son and others. This is copyrighted so please adhere with the copyright act, as amended below. The second is a Microsoft Project file designed to help plan an office move. It's generic and doesn't have everything but is a great starting point. I've also found it helpful when moving house. Please use as you wish.

Click to download as a .doc document file.

Info Sheets as web pages

People are permitted to use copies of these documents, as provided for under the Australian copyright laws. Also, individuals and teachers are permitted to make and use copies of the whole documents in their current format for personal or educational purposes, up to fifteen copies per document, provided the original copyright is displayed on each page. Should you require more than fifteen copies, please contact me and arrangements can be made.

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